Disposable Bamboo/Sugarcane Plant fiber Plate&Dish-Bowl-Box-Tray, Compostable Molded pulp Tableware

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Biodegradable Tableware

Sustainability & Environment  
Bagasse is sugarcane fiber pulp, left after the juice has been extracted from the sugar cane stalk.  Bagasse is normally seen as a waste product, and is often burned thereby causing air pollution.  Making tableware out of the sugarcane pulp solves the problem of waste and as well creates a value added product from a material, which is treated as a waste product..
Sugarcane tableware manufacturing process is completely a resource efficient process. Material – after the products have been formed they are taken to be trimmed. We do not dispose of the trimmings but rather reintroduce the material into our pulping machines until it ends up in final product. Water – we have a closed-loop water system that allows us to efficiently use our water resources. Our primary loss of water occurs through evaporation.

Biodegradable Process
Bagasse tableware will biodegrade at the same rate as garden waste in a home composting system, which, depending on the home composting system, can be approximately from 60-90 days.  They will degrade faster in a commercial composting facility.