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Members of WEECO must remember the concept of “Clientsfirst, Staff second and Shareholders third” at any time. As it isfundamental to the development of our enterprise.



Our Team


Weeco have a well team-conscious, theability of communication and coordination, work hard, meticulous and patiencecan afford the pressure of the work, which very familiar with the marketingtheory, have strong ability of practical foreign trade , hardworking anddevoted to the career, determined to make more progress. They are young,passionate, fun, experienced, helpful, hospitable, is a good friend you cantrust, when doing business with us, there is nothing you can not rest assured.These people at our company cover in Market-Developing (sales), R&D,Quality Control, Shipping, After-sale service, etc.



Quality Control


All of our orders will be inspected by ourQC team. We will check the quality during the production time .Also check thequality before shipping. AQL 4.0 Standard will be used on all of our orders.And we take responsibility for all the products which provided by WEECO.



Services & Innovation


Our company strives to innovate andreinvent the marketplace with our amazing client solutions. Our services,combined with our award winning development team, produce the best products atthe best prices in the industry.


Quality  & Service - At Weeco, our #1 priority has always been providing  our clients with great quality products and superior customer service.

Quick  LeadTime - We're  dedicated to providing the quickest turnaround times and work very Hard to  ensure that all of your deadlines are met.

Unbeatable  Prices - We  continuously strive to find ways of reducing our production costs, and  passing the savings Over to you!