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Eating out of tableware made of sugarcane fiber is available

Eating out of tableware made of sugarcane fiber is available


Whether it’s the styrofoamplate you eat from at a wedding, or the plastic lunchbox your kid carries toschool, or the disposable cutlery you use when the maid does not come to do thewashing — your tableware choices affect the environment. But, our enterprisenamed Weeco always develop better biodegradable disposable tableware with aninnovative business idea to fight the plastic menace.


Plastic has become amatter of convenience. It’s cheap and easily available. But we need to beresponsible for every item we use. Our company that manufactures 100%biodegradable and compostable tableware products made from plant fiber likebagasse, bamboo and so on.

Our purpose is to replaceplastic with a natural material rather than something that would deplete ourresources.


The products include foodcontainers and tableware – like plates, bowls, meal trays and cups – whichdecompose within 30-60 days after being discarded. The company sourcesprocessed bagasse from other organizations. This material is then moulded,dried, heated, and given other final touches. Heat-induced pressing during themanufacturing process gives structural strength to the cutlery. Additionally,the inter-fibre bonding makes the products water and oil resistant. It is acompletely natural process and involves no binders, additives, coatings orchemical residues, resulting in a nontoxic, harmless and healthy alternative toplastic. The cutlery also does not impart colour, odour or taste to food. Theproducts are microwave-safe and have an estimated shelf life of two years.Users cannot wash the tableware or containers after use; they have to bediscarded.


Yes, plastic is all aroundus. But it’s more a luxury than a necessity. We need to start living the wayour grandparents did. Carry your own bags when you go shopping, or take yourbox along to restaurants when you want a takeaway meal. Once we are gone, whatremains is what we have used during our lifetime.