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The Things We Can Do To Limit the White Pollution

The Things We Can Do To Limitthe White Pollution


To protect our environmentis not only the duty of our government but also us. Let's do it in our dailylife. Don't use any non-degradable disposable products any more. Recent years,governments of many countries have done a lot. Legislative steps have beenintroduced to control air pollution, to protect the forest and sea resourcesand to stop any environmental pollution. What's more, supermarkets, departmentstores and groceries in many places of the world have stopped giving out freeplastic bags for a long time, but there are still many problems ofenvironmental protection. One of the most serious problems is the whitepollution. As the low price and the convenient,plastic bag, disposabletableware are still very popular. The other important reason is people couldnot easily change their habit. They always forget to takeenvironmentally-friendly bags to shopping.


One of the surveys foundthat 82 percent of foodservice packaging manufacturers in North America expected their sales volumes to be better this year thanlast. This is up from a mere 42 percent 2009. The surveys also found that 55percent of North American manufacturers expect their profits to be better thanlast year, which is on par with 2009 expectations. What do these data mean? Itmeans with the development of foodservice, the white pollution will be moreserious.


Yes, to change one’s longtime habit is really very hard. Some products are environmental such asbiodegradable tableware. The invention of environmentally friendly packingmaterial is really good news for our environment and those who can not stopusing disposable products. Unlike typical plastics made from crude oil,eco-friendly packing material is often made from plant matter such as cornstarch, potato starch, cane sugar, and soy protein. This kind of materialfeatures of nontoxic, harmless, healthy and sanitary. It fits to use forroasting in microwave oven and freezing in refrigerator. The most importantfeature is that it is biodegradable and eco-friendly such as biodegradablepaper plates. A potentially renewable alternative to petroleum-based plasticswould have the long-term benefits of reducing global warming pollution and ourdependence on fossil fuels. What’s more, the price is also very low.


Despite the challenges inthe face of a global economic recession, respondents reported that they believequick service restaurants will see strong growth in single-use packaging usagein the next five years, followed by supermarket/grocery stores.