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Agents Wanted

Agents Wanted
It is a good way to settle a good agent abroad .It is better for both of buyer and seller. Come to us. Talk about the details.
Eco-friendly tableware and biodegradable packaging products:
Biodegradable sugarcane bagasse pulp tableware plate-bowl-box-cup-tray,plant fiber disposable food container dinnerware,Customized industrial products eco-pack,Molded pulp Egg Fruit box/Meat tray,Medical clinical disposable bedpan/male urinal bottle/measuring jug/kidney tray/bowl,Paper straw pulp Seeding cup array/garden flower pot
Agent Requirements:
1. Over 800,000USD-The Annual Sales
2. Have a Good Reputation In Local.
3. Have Good Idea In Service And Creation.
Agents Required for the Following Countries: All Over The World.

We are proud to partner with those who have the passion and determination to accomplish their dreams.

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